Whats your real name?

Alejandro “Dipper” Pines

What would you do if your whole family was in danger?

I’d try to save them!

My friend and I are trying to find out the secrets in Gravity Falls the same as you! We have been emailing each other and telling each other what we have de-ciphered and discovered! Gravity Falls is way more interesting once you get into it :)

Cool! Good to see I’m not the only one trying to solve these mysteries…

Yea so what's up

nm atm

Oh I was busy dealing with people


I missed you (I hugged you)

Where’d you go?

Hey dipper


So , is there like a string connecting it to your head?

It’s a mystery….

How do you keep your hat on in all situations? Even in the wind?!?!

Simple. The hat is part of my head.